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ATTENTION: After checking the company where you will do your internship from the list of well-known companies, you must fill out the introduction form for the unrecognized internship place and have it stamped and signed by the company, and then send it to "". Online internship application should continue after this stage.


Explanation: Students who will apply for online internship can read the application steps below carefully and submit their applications in the desired format. Applications are accepted provided that they are made at least 14 days before the start of the internship (except cadetship).


If the application is not made in the required format and time, the internship application will not be accepted and the responsibility belongs to the student.


1. Step: The following Application Documents are filled out by you on a computer and turned into a single compressed archive file with ZIP (RAR) extension. 


Application Documents


2. Step: Internship application documents are given a file name as "Student Number_Name_Surname_FormNo".


3. Step: Each file is uploaded to the relevant file upload tab in the Application Form and the form is sent.


Application Form:

For Online Internship Application, you must fill out the Application Form. The information in the application form must be filled in completely and all internship documents must be uploaded. Otherwise, the application is deemed rejected. Applications are accepted only via the Application Form. Applications sent to department or responsible personnel e-mail addresses will be rejected directly.


After your application reaches the Department Head, your documents will be reviewed and you will be contacted via e-mail about your application status.

Internship Office: +90 0212 383 2857



Within the scope of the Protocol between GMO-GİSBİR-YTÜ-GİDF, internship applications and placement procedures of our students can be made by TMMOB Chamber of Marine Engineers (GMO) (in three-month periods). The GMO announcement regarding the subject is also announced on the department's website. Students whose internship place is determined by GMO within the quota will complete their internship through the department's online internship application.