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Dear Candidate Students,


After your long and devoted efforts in your education life, you are now at the stage of making your choice of higher education that will give you a career. First of all, we congratulate you and wish you success and happiness in the department where you will continue your education.


General information about the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering profession and the department
Our department trains the qualified manpower needed by the maritime industry in a wide range of fields including ships, marine structures and maritime technologies. Our department is a department that continues its dynamic development process by organizing its educational infrastructure within the framework of international education standards and accreditation criteria.
There are 10 Professors, 4 Associate Professors and 6 Asst. Professors in the department. There are a total of 40 personnel, including 20 academic members, 11 research assistants, 3 technicians and 6 administrative personnel.
The number of graduates of the YTÜ Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Mechanics Engineers constitutes approximately 50% of the number of engineers in ship, yacht construction and sub-industry in our country.
The main areas of work of our graduates are; Shipyards, ship and yacht design offices, ship and yacht sub-industry organizations, ship operating (ship-owner) organizations, insurance organizations, classification (loyd, ship inspection and certification) organizations, offshore shift engineering on ships, maritime-related public institutions and defense industry-related organizations.
By taking certain elective courses in the department, our students, unlike other universities, also gain the right to work as marine Engineers on ships. The average starting salary in this field is $3,000.
Our department students share the first three places every year in the "Ship and Yacht Design Competition" organized every year by the Turkish Ship and Yacht Exporters Association.

Best Regards.

Prof.Dr. Serkan EKİNCİ

Head of Department